Q: How does the Home Cleansing Kit work?

A: The Home Cleansing & Blessing Kit provides benefits by means of active biochemical ingredients (i.e. white sage) and ritual actions (i.e. focused attention & subconscious reinforcement) which fill participants with a sense of empowerment, peace and clarity when the white sage is volatilized (via burning smudge stick) and absorbed (via anointing oil). 

Q: How long do these benefits last?

A: The benefits are immediate and their duration depends upon the history of the home environment and state of mind of those who reside within. 

Traditionally, home cleansing is performed during seasonal events and holidays, such as solstices and equinoxes to quiet the home and remove negative energy due to interpersonal tensions, for example.

Q: Is there a supernatural connection?

A: Home cleansings or clearings along with house blessings have been performed for millennia by both indigenous and cosmopolitan cultures. 

Moreover, the courts of California and several other states categorize haunted houses as "distressed properties." Consequently, realtors are required by law to disclose distressed properties to prospective buyers prior to sale. 

Distressed home owners report a "quieter" home and associated absence of unusual phenomenon after performing a home cleansing. 

Q: How often should I use the Rejuvenating Facial?

A: The Rejuvenating Facial is recommended in order to remove makeup accumulation, sebum build-up and dead skin cells.  It is not meant to replace your daily cleansing & skin conditioning regimen.

Users report relief of acne, eczema and fine line wrinkles.  Results may vary.