Renew your spirit!

Home Cleansing & Blessing Kit   ™      Buy Now   &   Save 40%

Home Cleansing & Blessing Kit ™   Buy Now & Save 40%

all-natural therapeutic & home cleansing remedies

The Home Cleansing & Blessing Kit ™ Smudging Set from WindfallNature uses time-tested All Natural Native and Traditional Methods to Remove Negative Energy and Bless Your Home.  It's a great way to clear out old energy and pursue a Fresh Start.  A perfect Housewarming Gift and finishing touch for your next House Cleaning.  Our Kit Ships Fresh from California and includes everything you need to Cleanse Your Home and Renew your Spirit

  • 5" California White Sage Smudge Stick -:- 100% Freshly Bundled Organic Sage from Coastal California!
  • 5" Pacific Coast Green Abalone Shell Smudging Bowl for Traditional Burning of White Sage
  • 5" Artisan Crafted Mango Wood Stand
  • 7" Smudging Feather for Dispersing the Cleansing Sage Incense
  • Blessed Holy Anointing Oil -:- Infused with White Sage and Holy Water
  • Sacred Dead Sea Salt for Barrier Protection
  • Tea Light Candle with Thermoplastic Cup for Heat-Safe Handling
  • Easy to Follow Full-Color Step-by-Step Picture Instructions -:- Includes 5 Essential Rites and Prayers for Cleansing & Blessing Your Home
  • Also included: a Complimentary All Natural Bath Soak - The Perfect Finish to your Home Cleansing

Own a Kit today and enjoy the beautiful and calming energy of your fully cleansed home!

Our All Natural Facial Lift cleanses and renews your skin cells while revitalizing your mood. The Facial Lift forms a natural exfoliating mask that gently removes dead skin cells and sebum from your face while firming your complexion - promoting healing & restoration of a variety of skin conditions.  The perfect way to renew and cleanse your spirit !

CLEANSE Your home -:- RENEW your iNner peace

Feeling tension or heaviness in your home?  Then it's time for a Home Cleansing & Blessing Kit ™ from Windfall Nature!  Our Kit contains everything you need to CLEANSE negative energy, PROTECT your living space & REVITALIZE your inner peace.   


renew your skin tone -:-  Invigorate your mood

Renew your skin tone and invigorate your mood with an All Natural Facial Lift.  Experience the mineral-rich exfoliating power of Dead Sea Salt, skin-conditioning properties of Cassava Root, and therapeutic botanicals of freshly milled Lavender and natural Essential Oils. This skin treatment is anti-acne, anti-fungal, anti-viral and    100% pro-You!