Peppermint Lift Facial


Peppermint Lift Facial

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All Natural Revitalizing Facial

  • Antifungal, Anti-bacterial, Anti-viral (from Freshly Milled Lavender Flowers)
  • Omega-3,-6 Fatty Acids (from Ground Cassava Root)
  • Natural Mood Invigorator (from Essential Oils of Peppermint)
  • Skin Exfoliator (from Dead Sea Salt)
  • Triple-Sealed Packaging to Preserve Potency and Freshness

The perfect way to exfoliate & condition your skin while invigorating your mood! Experience the time-tested revitalizing power of Peppermint while you exfoliate & condition your skin with mineral- rich Dead Sea Salt, omega-3 & 6-loaded Cassava Root and Fresh Milled Lavender (a natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal & anti-viral).  The botanicals are prepared from freshly milled lavender and Essential Oils dervied from Peppermint plants. They contain all Natural Ingredients - NO preservatives - NO artificial dyes - NO harsh chemicals. Includes 6 treatments of Peppermint Lift.